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Thanks for stopping by my About page! My name is Bill, and I run the site here:

Like many of you, I’ve always loved the outdoors and the adventures that come along with camping, fishing, hiking, and overall exploring. When I am out “adventuring,” I have carry the usual assortment of items that I might need in my pack, including some food and a way to make it.

My go-to meals when I am outdoors needs to be easy to make and with a minimal no-mess cleanup. While I do own and use a food dehydrator quite a bit, it just takes way too long to rehydrate most anything when I am outdoors. Especially when I am anxious to get back to catching fish or get back on the trail. Yes, I can be very impatient!

Freeze dried food pouches give me the flexibility I am looking for. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and most of them taste pretty darned good! Over the years I have tried a good variety of freeze dried foods and have figured out what the better tasting products are. There are a LOT of choices out there, not all of them have a decent taste and texture when rehydrated.

My ultimate goal with this site is to try all freeze dried food I can find, Mountain House, Backpackers Pantry, Alpine Aire, and so on, whatever I run across. The best tasting will make it to my list of best freeze dried food. And I will also give you the information you need to make your own best freeze dried food list.

As I do more research, –finding new products, I’ll will provide in-depth reviews of the best freeze dried food, so check back here often. Actually, I will also rate and review the not so good freeze dried food as well. In short, I hope my site here will help you find some decent tasty food options while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

You can find out more about me right here: Google+
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