Winter Storm Jonas – Snowed In

We had another epic snow event here in mid-Atlantic Virginia. We didn’t get the 20 to 30 inches other folks had. We measured in at 2 or so inches in the backyard. Yeah, stop your laughing!

They called it Winter Storm Jonas!

A few inches might not seem “epic” to some folks!? It does around here in my neck of the woods!

I am glad that weather geek Jim Cantore from never showed up!

Here, it seems like most folks around here have no idea of how to deal with driving on ice and snow! As I was making my way home from another long day at work, drivers were moving way too fast for conditions and were losing control and smashing into whatever was in their path.

Yep, witnessed it a few times, just need to day alert!

This morning, I couldn’t get out, the roads were just too bad, lots of ice. I tried to get out, but the 4×4 was sliding around too much. So there no breakfast with the gang down the road.

A Minor SHTF Episode

Well, with nothing in the fridge, I pulled out two of my Mountain House freeze dried food pouches and whipped up a quick and tasty breakfast.

I had picked these up at Walmart a while ago, –maybe it was sometime last year? I have been restocking my camping pantry with a bit of this and that with every paycheck. Freeze dried, canned goods, and generally stuff that will last a while.

I am a big fan of the Mountain House biscuits and gravy, so I pulled out one of those. Next I grabbed one of the scrambled eggs with bacon and boiled up some water on the stove.

In short order, I had a hearty breakfast on the table! The dogs were looking at me hoping for a tidbit or two, –they were not disappointed with their scrambled egg pieces!

Just Doctor It Up A Bit

I added some hot sauce and red pepper flakes to my portion. Not to long ago, I picked up some really awesome red pepper flakes from Penzeys spices when I was visiting my Mom. I must say, these are WAY better than the big-box store variety! Lots more flavor!!

I know where I will be picking up any new spices for the pantry, camping, survival, or otherwise.

Anyhow, you never know when something might happen. It really pays to have something on hand for a major or minor SHTF episode in your day to day.

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