Optimus Long Handled Spoon Review

Long Handled Spoon

This long handled spoon is a really handy lightweight addition to you’re camping kitchen cook set. You might think a spoon is spoon is a spoon. But this is just no so.

This long handled spoon also has that high-tech titanium “wow” factor. Titanium is used in making those top gun fighter jets and stealthy submarines where strength, temperature extremes, and weight are of importance. When I am packing a load of gear through the back country, weight is a big issue for me as well. I am all about getting that pack weight down to something easy for me to manage.

Using this baby lets you dig around in the bottom of the food pouch without getting your dirty mitts all covered with food bits and pieces. Yes, you can lick off those bits and pieces off your dirty knuckles if you’re not using this long handled spoon, --as long as it is clean trail dirt! You ‘all know what I mean!

Engineered To Be Better

The simple spoon has been around since the Paleolithic times. So, you might think there really isn’t anything that could be improved!? But, someone did figure out a way to make it better, besides adding that longer handle we all like. This long handled spoon has been engineered with a slightly boxy end. This nifty feature will help you get in and scoop out those last remaining bits of your food from the depths those freeze dried pouches. Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you managed to go all of these years without having this in your outdoor kitchen set. Now you can forget about having to bring along a handful those disposable plastic spoons you got from that fast food place on the way out to the trail.

Clean up, for this long handled spoon, as you might expect, is a breeze! If you’re so inclined, just lick it clean, wipe it off, then tuck it away in your pack for the next meal, --just don’t let the food police know what you’re up to! Otherwise, just giving it a good washing is all that is needed.

No, this spoon does not rust, --I know you were wondering about this.

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Lots of folks, nearly 200 of them, have taken the time to leave their own thoughts and reviews on this long handled spoon. So with all of those reviews this is a really seems to be a useful item. One reason I think it’s so popular is the low price, around $10, you just can’t beat it.

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