Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich Review

This Mountain House ice cream bar is one of the creature comfort food items I like to bring on my more extended outdoor adventures. After all, what is not to like about a freeze dried ice cream sandwich? It won’t melt in your pack and it does taste really close an actual frozen ice cream sandwich. I think it does anyway. The only drawback is that this does not have the same melty texture as when chowing down on a real ice cream sandwich fresh and cold from the freezer!

I don’t have a portable or packable camping freezer. So, no complaints from me!

Astronaut Ice Cream?

I think we all have heard that freeze dried ice cream is an astronaut staple, –“you know, astronaut ice cream.” But in my own research, Apollo 7 was the first and only time that freeze dried ice cream flew into space. My research also suggests that the Apollo 7 ice cream wasn’t very good either.
Here is a bit of space food trivia. Bacon was included in the first meal eaten on the moon, during the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

These freeze dried ice cream bars are on a bit on the fragile side. Just about every one of them I have opened was broken in some way. Perhaps it has been the rough handling in transit, –either the factory to the store, or to the campsite. These bars have also have a wrapping that makes it hard to tell how broken it might be, if it is broken at all, inside that Mountain House outer package.

While I do try to keep crushable items on top, things do get moved and shifted around, knocked against a tree, rock, or something similar. Nothing inside my pack is marked fragile!

It was a real toss up whether or not to include this as one of my top picks in the best freeze dried food category. It does have a good vanilla flavor, just like a real ice cream bar. But, the Mountain House Neapolitan ice cream has chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, –a combination that to me is hard to beat.

Most of folks who try the Mountain House ice cream sandwich bars like them. There are close to 100 customer reviews on with an average of 3.8 out of 5 stars. About 70% of the reviews were 4 and 5 star ratings, which is evidence of a good product in my book.

These freeze dried ice cream bars only have about a 2-year shelf life. You can check here to determine the shelf life dates of your Mountain House products. If you plan on having a few of these in your tucked away in your survival pantry you should plan on rotating them out on the earlier side. Don’t tell the food police, but I have eaten some of these past the “Best if Used By” dates.

Bottom Line

I am giving it my own rating of 5 stars. I see the positives as a “good-enough” ice cream taste and it doesn’t melt in your pack. The only drawback would be that they are on the fragile side so you need to watch where you put them. Overall, a freeze dried ice cream sandwich is meant to be enjoyed outdoors on one of your adventures. So, when you’re a day or two into a camping trip, yes, these do taste good. Eat the real stuff when your home.

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